Electrical System/Wire

"Prices subject to change"

Wire Looms.
This is black hollow woven tubing that can be used to make the wire harness for your car.
Large (5/8" I.D.) #FLX025 $1.35/foot
Small (5/16" I.D.) #FLX020 $1.25/foot
Bakelite Bulb Sockets.
With thimbles. While supplies last!
Single contact #1542 $22.50 each
Spring loaded double contact #22330 $22.50 each
12V, headlight, 21CP, single contact, #14184
12V, small, for tail, cowl, dash, #1400
6V, headlight, 21CP, single contact, #27831
6V, headlight, 21CP, single contact, #277833

$3.35 each

$2.00 each

$3.35 each

$2.00 each
Armored Cable.
14 gauge single wire #1072
16 gauge single wire #1071
14 gauge double wire #1077
16 gauge double wire #1076
Ignition Wire.
The wire to use for lights, horn, ignition to distributor, etc. 14 gauge yellow with the correct tracer.
#2014 - $0.75/foot
Spark Plug Wire & Terminals.
7mm orange with correct tracer #116O
7mm black, 1927 and later #116B $1.25/foot
Spark plug wire kit  
Fork Terminals #580 $1.00 each
Dist/Coil terminals #581 $0.50 each