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5481 Six Corners Road,
Dundee, NY 14837
(315) 924-2490

ROMAR has been serving Dodge
Brothers and Graham Brothers
vehicle owners since 1954. .  
Current owner, George Farrell, is
continuing to supply the quality
parts and services you have come to
expect from ROMAR.  ROMAR
stocks a large inventory of parts for
your vehicle restoration needs.  
ROMAR’s machine shop can handle
all your needs for engine restoration
to “better than new” condition.  We
also have a supply of used parts
that are not listed in our catalog.  
Feel free to contact us for more
information regarding our parts
inventory and our rebuilding

Have questions about a part or just
need some information or advice?
Feel free to give us a call. We like to
chat with folks and will try to make
time for you. We'll give you the best
information we have, and if we
don't know the answer we'll tell you
and hopefully be able to direct you
to someone who does. Also, if you
would like a printed version of our
catalog, you can
email us and we'll
send you out a copy.

Thanks for stopping by!

George Farrell