Hardware & Accessories
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Motometer with DB logo. Until
1928 DB cars had no temperature
gauge. This fine looking gauge will
tell you engine temperature. #1338
$125.00 each
Step Plates with the DB logo -
dress up your car with these. Sold
in pairs. #1299
DB Radiator cap. Nickel plated.
Fits all 4 cylinder cars except the
128 "Fast 4" and the Standard "6".
Thread size is 2"-18. Drill for above
Motometer. #1099
85.00 each
Rear view mirror. Replace your old cloudy unsafe mirror
with our high quality silver glass mirror. Size is 2-1/2" X
7-1/2". #22010
$24.00 each Limit supply.
Door Handle, outside, for Coupe
and Sedan. Brass, nickel plated,
made in USA. #B23012
$85.00 each
Door Handle, outside, for Touring
and Roadster Serial #724588 to
#929894. Brass, nickel plated,
made in USA. #23012
$85.00 each
Door handle, inside, for Touring,
Roadster, Screenside. Polished
aluminum. #15376
$35.00 each
Door Handle, inside, for Touring,
Roadster and Screenside. Polished
aluminum. #L5346.
$7.95 each LIMIT SUPPLY
Escutcheon washer. Sorry, no
longer available.
Bushing, outside door. This is the
bushing that screws into the door
latch assembly. Brass, nickel
plated. #15377
$18.00 each
Spark control lever. #18329
$24.95 each
Throttle control lever. #18330
$24.95 each
4 cylinder spark advance clamp for
model 124. #16802
$46.00 each
4 cylinder spark advance clamp for
Fast 4 128. #18065
$46.00 each
Nut, crown, steering wheel. Brass,
nickel plated. #302
Type "B" tail light "Stop" silouette.
Stainless steel.
$18.00 each
Crank, window. Fits closed cars
1926 to 1928, Victory "6". Brass,
nickel plated, made in USA.
$96.00 each
Hood corner, leather. Help protect
the paint on the cowl and radiator
shell from being chipped when the
hood is open. Sold in a set of four.
Hood pad, leather. Protect the
hood paint from being chipped
when it is closed. Sold in a set of
four. #2828P
Nameplate, serial number. Fits on
the toe board of 4 cylinder cars.
$15.95 each
Identification plate for starter,
generator, distributor and horn.
For 4 and 6 cylinder cars. #IDP-3
$8.75 each
Information plate. For 6 cylinder
cars, Victory Standard and DA.
$15.95 each
Radiator emblem. This is the badge
that mounts on the front of the
Dodge Brothers - #D018354 -
$45.00 each
Running boards.
For 12volt 1924-1927 with 116"
wheel base - #18540 & #18541 -
$325.00 pr. plus shipping

For Victory,and DA '6' - #2107931
& #210795 - $350.00 pr. plus

For Standard '6', #45536 & 45537,
$255.00 pr. plus shipping
Note: runnning boards do not
include linoleum or molding.
Linoleum for running boards. Includes enough material for a
pair of running boards and the front seat floor boards. Two
colors were used - order appropriately.
Battleship brown - #16031 & #16032 - $145.00 + $35.00
Battleship gray - #18534 & #18535 - $145.00 each +
$35.00 shipping
Running board Splash Aprons, 114" wheel base,
$137.50/pair plus SHIPPING - Request quote
Crank hole cover. This cover
screws into the front engine
support. Without it road dirt and
stones can enter the oil pan and
cause engine damage. Don't leave
the house without one! #16642
$34.95 each
Crank hole cover gasket. This is a
copper crush gasket that keeps the
oil inside the oil pan. #A-6203
$9.50 each
Rumble seat step plates (new).
While supplies last. Fits Victory
"6" Roadster only. #RSSP130
$30.00 per pair
Note: Due to weight of
running boards and splash
aprons.  Request a shipping
quote before ordering.