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Turn shaft and balance with gears and flywheel mounted. Contact us
Camshaft work
We have the master to regrind the cam shaft to the original spec. Make your DB run as good as or better than new! $250.00
Engine Rebuilding
We offer engine rebuilding, babbitt service, camshaft regrinding. After the engine is assembled, we install it in our test stand to test run it and make sure the engine will perform well.
Four Cylinder
VS-83 Intake #106 $32.50 each
VS-63 Exhaust #105 $32.50 each
Guides #4635 $20.00 each
Springs #392 $12.50 each
Keepers #4160 $2.00 each
Carburetor Parts
Gasket repair kit #4644 $22.50 each
Throttle shaft with new lever attached #TS65 $21.50 each
Filter screen - brass like original #FLS $6.00 each
Carb to block gasket #1999 $4.50 each
Starter Chain
82 link - #24362
84 link - #10406
$200.00 each
Head bolts (14 required) #5183 $8.75 each
Water Pump
Shaft, 12 volt #3107 $62.50 each
Shaft, 6 volt #27202 $68.00 each
Packing (enough for one pump) #341 $7.00 each
Packing nut - specify right or left hand thread when ordering #1325/right hand, #13026/left hand $20.00 each
Connecting disc, small (12 volt systems), water pump to distributor #1560 $20.00 each
Connecting disc, large (6 volt systems), water pump to distributor #15066 $20.00 each
Drain petcock - new, brass #905 $16.00 each
Water Pump Wrench #1527 $15.00
Starter/generator drive gear, G and GA #12873 CALL FOR PRICE

Large crankshaft gear, drives starter/generator gear #6748 CALL FOR PRICE

Water pump drive gear (fits on w.p. shaft) #1467 CALL FOR PRICE

Camshaft gear, fiber #22018 CALL FOR PRICE

Steel crank timing gear, mates with cam gear #6749 CALL FOR PRICE

Distributor drive gear, 6 volt system (fits on water pump shaft) #27095 CALL FOR PRICE

Distributor gear, 6 volt system (fits on distributor shaft) #15883 CALL FOR PRICE

Oil Pump Shaft Bushing #A-3724 $12.50 each
Camshaft soft plugs #A-1162 $1.50 each
Soft plugs for early cars #A-1162E $1.50 each
Oil pump gear #A-3722 $26.00 each
Four & Six Cylinder
0.010, 0.020, 0.030, 0.040, 0.060 oversize available contact us
Rings for above pistons only
0.010, 0.020, 0.030, 0.040, 0.060 oversize available contact us
Connecting rods
We can re-babbitt your rod bearings. Send us your rods, bearing shells and diameter of each crankshaft pin. contact us
Main bearings
Send us the bearing inserts and size of each crankshaft main bearing. We will re-babbitt the inserts and semi-finish them. When you receive them you need to insert into the block and have the bearings line-bored to finish size.

It may be best for you to send us the block, connecting rods, main bearings and inserts and caps and let us do all the work in house and send it back to you ready to reassemble.
contact us

Victory, Standard, DA
VOS-292, intake #436049 $25.00 each
VOS-293, exhaust #436050 $28.00 each
Guides #436067 $15.00 each
Springs #436270 $20.00 each
Timing chain
57 link #40830 $200.00 each

Water pump shaft
for pump with roller bearings $48.00

Engine Paint
Spray can - one can does an engine - #03037S - $31.27
Quart can - #03037 - $74.88

Vacuum tank parts
Gasket set - #78718 - $6.00 EACH TAKES TWO
Brass tank springs - takes two - #4248 - $6.00 each
Shut off valve for vacuum tank - #320928 - $7.00